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Is it funny or deadly??

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The man laughed at a joke that only he had heard. He was sitting around his dinner table with his co-workers that he had invited for dinner. They were talking about business that involves the future of the man, George’s company. All of a sudden, George burst in tears because of how hard he was laughing. He couldn’t stop himself from doing so. The guests were trying to figure out what was so funny. There was nothing funny about what they were talking about. The guests found it rude, especially since it had happened a few times before that night. Soon, the guests left with a confused face expression. They didn’t know what to think about their boss. “Was he drunk?” they asked each other.

Later that night, George, Karen, his wife, and their two daughters, Maya and Sophia, were sitting in the family room talking about how their day was. “Daddy, guess what happened this morning! Our bus got into this huge car accident. Two students are in the hospital, and they are really injured!” said Maya. “It’s a good thing we didn’t ride the bus today!” Then, it happens again, George started to laugh so hard. It took him about three minutes to calm down again. “George, there’s nothing funny to laugh about. Our daughters could have gotten hurt,” said Karen. Suddenly, George looked lost, as if he was in a different world two minutes ago, and now he was back in the family room with his family. “What? What are you talking about, that was one of the funniest joke I’ve heard in my life! Good one, Maya.” Karen didn’t know what to say to her kids, so she just sent them off to bed.

About a week later, after George had laughed out loud again for no reason, Karen wanted to know what her husband was hearing. So she asked him, “What did I say that was so funny?” “Come on Karen, aren’t you too young to be forgetting what you’re saying?” Karen was starting to worry about her husband. He even laughed in the middle of the funeral of her father.

Karen was a doctor, and she doesn’t remember studying anything about what was happening to her husband. One day, at work, Karen decided to ask a friend at the hospital about her husband’s problem. She wanted to know if it was normal, and if this has ever happened to anyone before. Her friend told her to bring George in to the hospital for a check-up. So Karen made an appointment for a check-up in three days.  

It was the morning of the check. She had told her husband that it was time for his yearly check-up. At the hospital, Karen was told what the problem was. George has a tumor in his brain. This tumor causes him to drift off into his own world. George was always a serious person, and every since this tumor, his personality has completely changed into the opposite. Karen didn’t take the news too well. She cried a lot, and her husband got depressed. But since the tumor was only 6 weeks old, they were able to take it out with surgery. They decided to do the surgery, even though there was a 30% chance of it to not be successful. But thankfully, the surgery went perfectly smooth, and it was successful. Now George was back to normal, and he was back to being the serious man that he was before the tumor.



Pumkin and AJ

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Pumpkin and AJ  are twin cats that my three brothers adopted in America. When they first got the cats, they were still babies, and now they are four years old. Pumpkin is a girl and she is very strong. She doesn’t like to be petted and played with much, but at times, she’ll just jump on you and want to sleep on your lap. AJ is the complete opposite of his sister. He likes to be petted and to lie around. But after he plays and jumps around, he gets really tired and

decides to eat then take a long nap. Pumpkin looks like a small dark grey tiger, and AJ is light grey all over, but his paws and stomach are white.



Over Eid Break in Lebanon

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Me with my cousin and sister

Me with my cousin and sister

Over Eid break, my sister, dad, and I traveled to Lebanon to pick up my mom, who had stayed in Lebanon since the summer and bring her back home with us. At the same time, my dad wanted to check on the house that we are rebuilding and renewing, and my sister and I wanted to see what its like to celebrate Eid in Lebanon.



At first, I got really bored because my cousins that live here were busy, and my other cousins that I always hang out with, only come in the summer. But then, the day before eid, my cousin and her fiancé took us out shopping and later we went to one of the biggest mountains in the east side of Lebanon. It was really cold that day and it was even colder up on the mountain. It was fun and the views were amazing.

The next day was the first day of eid. People came early in the morning to greet us and say eid Mubarak to us. Later on that day, my parents and I went to visit relatives, then we went to my cousins’ house and we stayed there for a while. Later, for dinner, we went and got McDonalds to eat.

One the second day of Eid, we went to the city next to where I live, and we ate at a restaurant called Always, which we always eat at. When I got home my cousins came over and we stayed up and talked and had fun. For the rest of the break, we went out with my cousins.

Sophia Bush, My favorite Actress

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Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

If I could meet any famous person, I would pick to meet Sophia Bush. She is my favorite actress. I have watched every single episode of her biggest show, One Tree Hill. I love her personality in both the show and in real life. Her personality on air is very similar to her actual personality.






Sophia Bush is also really pretty and cute. I have read a lot about her life and she seems like a really good person to me. I don’t think she is one of those celebrity girls who goes out and does bad things and party all night.

The most unique thing about her, unlike most of the other celebrities, is that she has never done any major plastic surgeries, and she has natural beauty. She seems like a very mature girl who isn’t talked about by people because of the bad things she has done.

I would be really excited to meet Sophia bush. It would be one of the most memorable moments for me. I would probably ask for an aught graph and to take a picture with her, and I would take so much care of those memories of her! 

My Amazing Experience

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James iwth his colony members

James iwth his colony members

December 20, 1754





Dear Family and Friends,

I, James Oglethorpe, really miss everyone back home, in England, and I can’t wait to come back and see my loving family. I have been having a hard, but interesting time here in Georgia. King George II granted me a charter and many other trustees. As you know, he told me to start a colony for the English citizens who need a place to live. I was inspired to make the colony successful because I remembered how we used to live when we were poor with no homes to live in. People who were sent to jail because they couldn’t pay their depts. are also allowed to live in this colony. I really think that Georgia is going to be a very successful colony. I also wanted to make my colony unique, and different from any other colony. Most importantly, I didn’t want rich people to have huge plantations. Having everyone in my colony be equal was one of the most important rules. Slavery was also ban in Georgia. The rich people disagree with my rules and regulations, but I think this way, no one would be tempted to steal or vandalize anything that is not theirs because they have the same amount of everything.

It has been hard trying to keep everyone here healthy, because at the moment we are not able to provide food for ourselves. A few generous colonists have been giving us cattle, land, and food until we stop needing their help. Soon, we will have our own plantations to feed ourselves and our families. I hope that as soon as things start to succeed, I’ll be able to bring all of you, my loved family and friends to come live in this civilized colony. I’m sure you would like the life here. It is very different than life in England, but soon you will adjust to the environment here, and start enjoying living here.

I believe I was blessed to have been granted this charter for this very successful colony. I made a safe place for people who dreamed to live a good life again. Knowing that everyone, including the poor and jailed people had a place to live made me feel pleased and proud of my work. Now, the trustees have given up the charter and the government made Georgia a royal Colony with new laws just like any other colony. Even with these new normal laws, I still feel that my colony is unique because it was once my colony, a colony that helped the homeless and poor, and now is a very successful colony with large rice plantations with slaves to work on them.

I hope that in 10 years, Georgia will be a known as an excellent colony with fairness to all people. I hope to see u soon,


James Oglethorpe

Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia

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There are many similarities and differences between Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia. A few of the main causes people moving into Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia was for education, religion, or occupation.

First of all the religion in MBC is Christianity and in Saudi Arabia is Islam. Due to the religion, the English built only churches, and you only find mosques in Saudi Arabia. Learning about religion was also a main similarity. The English took their children to New England so that they would learn about their religion and so that they start reading the bible because in England, the education wasn’t as good for religion. That is a similar to the people that moved to Saudi because a lot of Muslim people from all around the world bring their children to this country because they aren’t learning much about their religion and about reading the Quran at the place they used to live in before. Also a lot of English people moved to New England because they didn’t have the right job, and they thought they would find better jobs there. As well goes to most of the families living in Saudi Arabia. The parent couldn’t find a better job in their home country so they moved to Saudi where they enjoyed their jobs more.  Another difference is that the English people left England because they weren’t getting the right education and they didn’t like the life in England, but here in Saudi Arabia it’s the opposite. A lot of people come to Saudi with their families because there are better jobs, and for some people better education.

When the English people left to go to New England, they made the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and a main difference between MBC and Saudi Arabia is the languages spoken. The people from Massachusetts Bay Colony spoke English, and Saudi Arabian people spoke Arabic. The government is also a big difference. In the Massachusetts Bay colony, they elected the governor. But in Saudi Arabia, they have kings, and the oldest son or next brother gets the thrown.

The daily life of the people from the Massachusetts Bay Colony is kind of similar to the life of people in Saudi Arabia. Just like how MBC had a holy day that happened weekly where they would gather, they have the same thing in Saudi Arabia also weekly and it also gathers all the people of their religion. Also just like how the women in Saudi Arabia barely have any rights, the same went to the women of MBC. All the women can do is take care of the children, cook, do the house work and stay at home. In the end, Massachusetts Bay colony and Saudi Arabia are two different places with a few simple similarities.